The Dolphin Yacht Club is proud to welcome a diverse range of members to a fun and social club centered around Marblehead and all that its surrounding waters have to offer. We have attempted to make a variety of membership plans available to appeal to members with different interests and different needs.


Full Boating Membership: Ideal for skipper and family. Full Boating Membership is perfect for all families with boats moored in Marblehead Harbor.  Membership includes launch service covering the entire harbor; full dining and clubhouse privileges; as well as unrestricted parking in the club lot.  A great value! 2019 dues - $1,400.00

Out Of Harbor Boating Membership: Not moored in Marblehead harbor, but want to enjoy the benefits of membership in our fine club? This Membership is for all families with boats nearby, but not moored in Marblehead Harbor. You can tie up to the float, wash down your boat, join us on a cruise or just sail over for dinner; includes limited use of DYC memberships moorings in Marblehead Harbor as available; launch service; dining and clubhouse privileges; as well as full parking privileges while moored in Marblehead Harbor. 2019 dues - $750.00 

Paddlers Membership: Family Membership for those who own a Kayak, Canoe or Stand-up Paddle board and would like to enjoy paddling together with other people who have the same love of the water. Finally a club that paddlers can call home! Membership includes group trips and paddling clinics; as well as dining and clubhouse privileges for the entire season. 2019 dues - $700.00

Social Membership: Enjoy dining and clubhouse privileges for the entire season. Come down and enjoy a great meal on our deck overlooking Marblehead Harbor. Check our calendar of events on the web for dates and times of all parties and special events. 2019 dues - $700.00

Enjoy a first-class dining experience serving lunch and dinner with a full liquor license. Enjoy dinner or lunch outside on the deck overlooking Marblehead Harbor. Call 781-639-6399 for information or reservations and rates. See our website for menus and special dining events.

Dining Minimum: All memberships require a prepaid $200.00 dining minimum payable with the application and used to purchase food in the club dining facility from season opening to season closing. Dining minimum is loaded onto a prepaid card for easy payment at the club.

Parking: Due to the limited parking space Social, Paddlers and Out of Harbor Members are permitted to use the parking lot on weekends after 5:00 PM for use of the dining facility only. Full Boating Members only are allowed to use the lot on weekends before 5:00 p.m. Of course the lot is always open to drop off /pick up members/guests/kayaks/canoes. All cars parked in the lot must leave their keys in the car with the car unlocked and the alarm off.