Board of Directors for 2019

Please note: General communications for club matters should be directed to

Flag Officers led by Commodore Brian Danforth

The Flag Officers and the Board of Directors are working hard to bring about positive change to the DYC. We are always looking for volunteers that want to get involved and help organize parties, spring clean up, work parties etc. Please call the club phone line and express your interest in helping out and we will make sure your talents are utilized.

The Flag Officers and Board of Directors meet monthly to plan events, discuss finance and solve club issues.

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Brian Danforth

Bill Jackson

Al Barth

Holly Case


Shawn Lyons

Ronnie Dupler


Alan Wolcott

Alyssa Prince

Matt Plauche

Eric Kaye


Matt Dolan

Fred Knowles


Vice Commodore

Rear Commodore

Fleet Captain



Recording Secretary


Director - Boating

Director - General

Director - General

Director - General


Past Commodore

Past Commodore