Rules & Regulations 2019


General Membership & Clubhouse Rules

The enforcement of the DYC rules is essentially entrusted to the self-discipline of all Club Members. Please use common sense; be respectful to your fellow Members and staff.  If there are concerns about a practice or unsure about a circumstance, seek out     a knowledgeable Member for clarification.  In advance – The Dolphin Yacht Club Board of Directors thank you for your cooperation and look forward to a great season! 

  1. Members will be asked to verify their membership when using the facilities, decks or restaurant. Please have your membership number available and be prepared to show a valid membership card or photo I.D. as required. Failure to be able to do so may result in your use of the club facilities being denied. This request is to protect you, our Members.

  2. Memberships are for immediate family living at the same address. Children not living at the address are considered guests and must be accompanied by the Member.

  3. Splitting memberships are not permitted. Any boat with more than one owner must ensure each owner has a full boating membership. Chartering a Member’s boat does not entitle use of the membership.

  4. The DYC does not provide reciprocity with other yacht clubs

  5. A Food and Beverage allocation (also known as Dolphin Dollars) is included with your annual membership and is issued as a credit on your physical Membership Card. Your Membership Card functions as a Gift Card with this credit. The credit will not be reassigned to a new card for any reason whatsoever – including loss of the original card. Please protect your membership card as though it were store Gift Card or Cash.

  6. Reservations for seating in the dining room are recommended and cancelations required. Guests must be seated within 15 minutes of reservation or reservation will be forfeited.

  7. Proper attire must be worn in the clubhouse and deck areas. Shoes and shirt required.

  8. Colors is a ceremony performed each evening at sundown. This involves a salute and the lowering of the flags. Please respect this tradition by remaining standing and silent until concluded

  9. For the courtesy of others, please refrain from cell phone usage in the dining areas and bar.

  10. Alcohol may not be purchased and leave the premises of DYC property.

  11. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the clubhouse, or on the decks and dock.

  12. Children under the age of 14 may not be left unattended anywhere within the club or dock.

  13. Dogs must be leashed. Pets are not permitted in the restaurant or decks. All handlers are expected to pick up animal waste.

  14. Personal property may not be stored within the premises of the DYC property.

  15. Any problem should be reported (including facility issues) to the Club Manager or Club Officer in a timely manner.

  16. Inappropriate behavior deemed as disrespectful to others, loud profanity, and the like will not be tolerated. The Manager on duty has the discretion to ask anyone to leave. The Board of Directors will discipline more serious offenses.


Waterfront Rules

The dock is primarily for use by the Boating, Out of Harbor and Kayak Members. For the safety of all, we must observe consideration and respect for the rules. The dock  may be reached on channel 68 or by calling 781-631-8000. Please leave a message if there is no answer. We do monitor the messages.

  1. The Dock Master has authority over all matters pertaining to the mooring of vessels at the DYC dock and DYC moorings. In the absence of the Dock Master, the launch operator on watch shall be considered the on-scene Dock Master and shall act with full authority of the Dock Master.

  2. Any vessel wishing to moor at the DYC dock shall check in with the on-scene Dock Master.

  3. Maximum time allowed for any boat tie up at the dock is 20 minutes. Additional time must be authorized by the on-scene Dock Master.

  4. While a vessel is moored at the DYC dock, the operator of the vessel will remain either on board the vessel or in the vicinity of the dock. If leaving the area, the on-scene Dock Master must be notified and a reachable phone number must be provided.

  5. Any vessel moored at the DYC dock may be moved to another location on the dock, to a DYC mooring, or rafted to another vessel at the dock if the on-scene Dock Master determines that conditions warrant such action. If action is necessary, every effort to contact the master of the vessel shall be made prior to executing such action.

  6. Any vessel moored at the DYC dock may be required to leave the dock at any time, per the on-scene Dock Master’s order.

  7. Overnight mooring of vessels at the DYC must be approved by the on-scene Dock Master. It is expected that at the opening of the dock the next day, the vessel will be removed.

  8. During busy weekend hours, a second Launch may be utilized to provide better service to our Members. This, however, puts further strain on the availability of dock space. As the Launch has priority, tie up space may be greatly reduced.

  9. When a Boating Member is away and provides permission to the Dock Master accordingly, an Out Of Harbor Boating Member may use the above said mooring. Out Of Harbor Boating Members may also use the DYC moorings. Use is on a first-come-first-served basis

  10. Weekends & holidays tend to be very busy. If a Boating Member needs additional time on the dock for cleaning or maintenance of their vessel, the on-scene Dock Master must authorize the extended time.

  11. When bringing guests to your boat please ensure all members of the party are present before engaging the Launch. Multiple trips to the same vessel back up service.

  12. The Club decal (burgee) must be applied to starboard side of the boat.

  13. DYC Launches cannot perform sea tow services

  14. Fueling is not permitted at the DYC dock. Any fuel must be in an outboard motor tank or a sealed Jerry Jug. Fueling services using the DYC Launch will not be allowed.

  15. Keep the dock ladder leading into the water free and clear of boats & kayaks.

  16. Water hoses must be properly re-coiled and stored on the hose frame.

  17. Rack spaces for kayaks have been pre-assigned. Rack space cannot be utilized by others or re-assigned without the approval of the board.

  18. Kayaks (and SUP’s) have a pre-assigned number printed on a burgee. Regardless of storing at the DYC or not, please affix the burgee to the starboard side of the vessel.

  19. Please keep loose items secured to your vessel. Personal items that are deemed a hazard by the on-scene Dock Master may be removed without the owners consent.

  20. It is the responsibility of the kayak/paddler owner to secure their vessel & all belongings during any seasonal storm. The DYC is NOT responsible for any loss or damage.

  21. At the end of the season, all owners must remove their vessels from the dock. The DYC is NOT responsible for any loss or damage to any vessel or personal property.



1.    The parking lot is open Monday thru Friday to all members on a first-come-first-serve basis.

2.    Parking permits must be visible on driver’s side windshield

3.    Vehicles must remain unlocked with the keys left inside. If you are a boating member and leaving the area for several days, the keys must be left with the Dock Master, along with a cell phone number where member can be reached.

4.    Until 5 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays & holidays, parking is restricted to Full Boating Members. The vehicle must display the Full Harbor Parking Stickeron the driver’s side windshield. After 5 p.m., the parking lot is available to all members.

5.    Any car in the DYC lot that is inappropriately parked, without a contact number or keys left in the vehicle, or with the Dockmaster, may be towed if necessary.

6.    Boating guests, crews and employees are not permitted to use the parking lot.

7.    Only one car per membership per visit may park in the parking lot.

8.    Drop off and pick up in the lot is permitted; however turning around must be done within the premises of the DYC lot. The use of Glover Landing in any manner is not permitted.