Waterfront Services at DYC

Launch Service Hours

Fall Hours:

September 6 - Sept 18th:

                     Monday – Thursday:  9:00 – 7pm  

                     Friday – Sunday:  8am - 9 pm 

Late Fall Hours:  

Sept 18 – Oct 9th Columbus Day

                     Closed Mondays (Starting Sept 18, open Columbus Day)

                     Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 – 7:00 PM 


Launch Service - Service Area

The DYC Launch Service will  be pleased to offer boating members a launch service to all moorings in the Marblehead Harbor. There may be some delays servicing moorings in more distant locations in the harbor during busy hours. We do not service moorings on the West Shore (Marblehead side of Salem Harbor).

Launch Service - Tips

Launch drivers will welcome tips, but they are not expected. We will request donations at the end of the season for tips for the launch drivers and these tips will allocated to all launch drivers based on the hours that they worked. Tips are allocated to launch drivers only (excl. Dockmaster)